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Romanian Construction Company. Castel Film Studio Romania. Bucharest. Euro House Construct srl Romanian engineers, architecture, project management. Castel Film Studio, Romania, Bucharest. Euro House Construct srl Romanian construction consulting company, construction project management. Castel Film Studio. Euro House Construct srl
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Romanian construction consultancy and project management. Construction
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22 septembrie: Euro House Construct srl announces the legal sue of Castel Film studios in order to recuperate a debt worth of 115.000.000 Lei (over $3.500) plus penalties. More »
07 September: Our Firm Euro House Construct participated to Real Estate Fair( Tîrgul de Construcþii Imobiliare ) in spring, this year, at WorldTradeCenter
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Euro House Construct it's a constructions-consultancy, engineering and architecture services enterprise established in 2003, disposing of young and well-trained staff. Our specialists, engineers and designers of great value, certified by the State Inspection in Constructions, by the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Transport and Dwelling, The Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Health, by the Military Firemen's Organisation and by the Technical Experts' Body, have completed their studies in Romania and abroad, where they took part in the achievement of certain objectives of great importance, being informed of the latest techniques and materials of design and execution.

Among our firm's clients, we mention: Banca Transilvania, HVB Bank, BRD - Société Générale, Raiffeisen Bank, ASIBAN and the Greek Consortium Technical Olympic - Lamda Olympic.

Our company performs its activity according to the regulations in force and according to international standards. The main laws that make the basis of our activity are:

  • Law 10/1995 - The law of quality in the domain of constructions
  • Law 50/1991 regarding the execution of construction works
  • H.G.272 for the approval of the Regulations regarding the state quality control in constructions
  • H.G.273 regarding the approval of the Regulations for the receipt of construction works and their afferent installations
  • O.U.G.60/2001 regarding public acquisitions, approved of, amended and completed by Law 212/2002
  • H.G.461, Order 1014/874 al M.F.P.- M.L.P.T.L. regarding the approval of the structure, the contents and the way of using the Standard Documentation for the drawing up and submittal of the tender for works public acquisition
  • H.G.1179/2002 regarding the approval of the structure of the General Estimate and of the methodology regarding the drawing up of the General Estimate for investment objectives and intervention works
  • F.I.D.I.C Regulations. - (agreed upon by the World Bank) for investments in constructions

In time, we have developed partnerships with various architecture, design and planning firms, as S,L&A International, CMS International, DADA Proiect, Bautechnik Construct, Fleuron Design, Igloo Design or Forum Art.

Our staffs answer you promptly to any intimation, regardless if it comes from Bucharest, from a different location within Romania or from abroad. In permanent expansion, Euro House Construct invites all the potential collaborators - including the dynamic young people eager to assert themselves, who have not had the time to acquire enough work experience - to contact us confidently, in order to lay together the basis of a long lasting partnership!

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