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Firma de consultanta in constructii case, vile. Castel Film Studio Romania. Bucuresti. Euro House Construct srl Specialisti in constructii, consultanta, managementul proiectelor, asigurarea calitatii, firma. Castel Film Studio, Romania, Bucuresti. Euro House Construct srl Firme de constructii, devize, case si vile, Bucuresti, Romania. Castel Film Studio - client important. Lucrari, Amenajari. Euro House Construct srl
Dirigentie de santier, firma de constructii si consultanta, castel film, bucuresti
Responsabili tehnici, consultanta privata, constructii pe terenuri particulare, proiecte, ingineri, standarde de calitate
Euro House Construct srl, Bucuresti, Romania: firme de constructii si consultanta, ingineri, proiecte amenajari, devize, standarde de calitate, Castel Film Studio
Euro House Constructii Euro House Construct: firma de consultanta in constructii Constructii case, vile, devize, proiectare, arhitectura Romania, Bucuresti, dirigentie de șantier, tehnic, proiecte, execuție sedii, banci, vile, studio de film, decoruri, locuinte, restaurant
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22 septembrie: Euro House Construct srl announces the legal sue of Castel Film studios in order to recuperate a debt worth of 115.000.000 Lei (over $3.500) plus penalties. More »
07 September: Our Firm Euro House Construct participated to Real Estate Fair( Tîrgul de Construcții Imobiliare ) in spring, this year, at WorldTradeCenter
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Our experience in Residential and Office Construction is remarkable. Bellow you’ll find a short and succinct presentation:

We have founded out the Company EURO HOUSE CONSTRUCT - EHC in 2003, with the first Residential Complex in Bucharest - Lakeview Condominium - situated on the North road, a luxury complex, composed of 8 blocks of flats and of an underground parking with more than 100 parking places, on which it was realized an opened seeming pool! At this project we was participating as a supervisor Company, our attribution being limited at the site works.

While 2004 year and continuing on 2005 and 2006 years, we started a long lasting partnership with the Romanian Banks. Thus, we have signed directly the Project Management Contracts with the Banks or with the designers of banking spaces, through which we made the entire activity starting with the space rent- till the turn key contract, one of them in Bucharest, others outside.

Almost all of the spaces were rearrangements or subsidiaries constitutions, branches or banking agencies, for the others the construction from the very beginning – the case of Raiffeisen Bank ( the Operational Centre Pipera - COP) situated within the industrial park Iride, an investment of more millions of Euros.

In the same period, we have realized the Project Management for the new head-office of the Assurance and Re-assurance Company ASIBAN, located on the Marasti Boulevard, and unique investment at that time.

In the last three years, we have realized the Project Management for many private Investments situated around Bucharest (Domnesti, Snagov, Corbeanca and Izvorani). Some of the Investors were either well-known businessman, either politicians, either sportsman who realized investments of an amount of between 500.000 - 2.000.000 Euro each investition.

We are proud of one of the most important accomplishment in the field of the Business Investment - Project Management for the realization the rentability of the Iulius Mall from Timisoara.

Actually, we are involved besides Raiffeisen Bank in the realization of the most centered Block of Flats Complex in Bucharest Ensemble - City Center Residence, investment which shall be finished in 2007. It is about of a complex of six blocks of flats, with an underground parking of 100 parking places, with an interior court giving to the customers a silence oasis nearby the Carol Park.

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