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Firma de consultanta in constructii case, vile. Castel Film Studio Romania. Bucuresti. Euro House Construct srl Specialisti in constructii, consultanta, managementul proiectelor, asigurarea calitatii, firma. Castel Film Studio, Romania, Bucuresti. Euro House Construct srl Firme de constructii, devize, case si vile, Bucuresti, Romania. Castel Film Studio - client important. Lucrari, Amenajari. Euro House Construct srl
Dirigentie de santier, firma de constructii si consultanta, castel film, bucuresti
Responsabili tehnici, consultanta privata, constructii pe terenuri particulare, proiecte, ingineri, standarde de calitate
Euro House Construct srl, Bucuresti, Romania: firme de constructii si consultanta, ingineri, proiecte amenajari, devize, standarde de calitate, Castel Film Studio
Euro House Constructii Euro House Construct: firma de consultanta in constructii Constructii case, vile, devize, proiectare, arhitectura Romania, Bucuresti, dirigentie de șantier, tehnic, proiecte, execuție sedii, banci, vile, studio de film, decoruri, locuinte, restaurant
dirigentie de santier, responsabili tehnici executie
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22 septembrie: Euro House Construct srl announces the legal sue of Castel Film studios in order to recuperate a debt worth of 115.000.000 Lei (over $3.500) plus penalties. More »
07 September: Our Firm Euro House Construct participated to Real Estate Fair( Tîrgul de Construcții Imobiliare ) in spring, this year, at WorldTradeCenter
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Castel Film Romania

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Our company represents the interests of the beneficiary and /of the investor - who does not have the time or the specific training to develop the constructions investments.

The percentage applied by our company ranges between 1% and 7% of the total investment value, rendered in Euros. The amount depends on the complexity and the duration of the Consultancy contract that our company concludes with the Investor / Beneficiary of the investment.

Thus, from the stage of pre-feasibility or feasibility design, continuing with the preparation and the progress of the tender for the design phase and then for execution of the construction - we provide the specific speciality consultancy according to the legislation in force or/and the European legislation applicable in the domain (FIDIC regulations).

We take care of any investment stage: from the land plot selection and purchase , to the selection of the designer and of the works performer, to the acquisition of the authorisations necessary for the progress of the investment, the payment of the legal taxes to the bodies and organisations certified by the state, including the representation of the beneficiary's interest as a site administration company, according to Law 10/1995, the construction quality law - assuring thus inclusively the design management by a Project Manager.

By our certified specialists - site inspectors in the specialities: constructions, installations, interior and exterior networks, gases, water, telecommunications, urbanism, construction materials, we provide the client the good investment progress, both quantitatively and qualitatively, attesting according to the law the compliance with the specific norms and stipulations of the legislation in force, by the counter-signature of the Records of Hidden Works, of the Qualitative Receipt Records, of the Establishing Phases Records, for each field separately: constructions, installations, urbanisms, material quality, internal and external networks, consolidations and art works, thus collaborating with the design representatives, with those of the constructions and of the State Inspection in Constructions.

To the extent in which the investor requires it, we assure the representation of his interests before third parties, on the signature of the Receipt Record, on the Finalisation of Works and of the Final Receipt Record, until the payment of taxes and customs to the Town Hall and to the sector / county Financial Administration.

We draw up the Technical Book of the Building - based on the documentation collected from the designer and from the builder and we submit it to the investor.

We assure Consultancy in any domain of the construction activity, including the companies and / or the banks that offer credits for the production, the construction, re-partitioning, modernisation or repairing of any type of constructions: civil - residential or offices - industrial or agricultural.

For this purpose, by our certified specialists, we perform engineering technical expertises in all cases in which the primary design lacks and judicial and extra-judicial technical expertises for the assessment of bank credits, including judicial technical counselling, if necessary.

For Romanian or multinational construction companies, we provide technical supervisors for the performance in the construction and telecommunications domain.

Also, we grant quality control and quality guarantee by achieving the execution and/or control procedures, the Non-Conformity Reports and the Rectifying Reports.

By our certified collaborators we can draw up the Quality Book and the quality specific procedures.

We also can provide, at the request of construction companies - ante measurements, technical specifications, design based works situations or according to the physical existent stages, placing at disposal offer-estimates - based on which companies take part in tenders.

For tenders as well, at the request of the construction company, we can draw up the file of participation to tenders - for the National Agency of Dwellings, the National Investment Company or for the World Bank, or for any other contracting bodies - or we can draw up offers according to the received technical specifications - for international tenders from ISPA and PHARE funds.

For telecommunication companies we provide counselling in all the stages of construction-assembling investment progress, including in the electrical sector, as of the stage of obtaining the authorisations, of plot purchase-rent, of homologation by attesting the technical equipment specific to the telecommunication installations, until the stage of surveying and coordinating the proper construction -assembly works by experienced supervisors in the field, who have performed their activity in Romania and Egypt, on GSM sites.

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