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Firma de consultanta in constructii case, vile. Castel Film Studio Romania. Bucuresti. Euro House Construct srl Specialisti in constructii, consultanta, managementul proiectelor, asigurarea calitatii, firma. Castel Film Studio, Romania, Bucuresti. Euro House Construct srl Firme de constructii, devize, case si vile, Bucuresti, Romania. Castel Film Studio - client important. Lucrari, Amenajari. Euro House Construct srl
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Responsabili tehnici, consultanta privata, constructii pe terenuri particulare, proiecte, ingineri, standarde de calitate
Euro House Construct srl, Bucuresti, Romania: firme de constructii si consultanta, ingineri, proiecte amenajari, devize, standarde de calitate, Castel Film Studio
Euro House Constructii Euro House Construct: firma de consultanta in constructii Constructii case, vile, devize, proiectare, arhitectura Romania, Bucuresti, dirigentie de șantier, tehnic, proiecte, execuție sedii, banci, vile, studio de film, decoruri, locuinte, restaurant
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22 septembrie: Euro House Construct srl announces the legal sue of Castel Film studios in order to recuperate a debt worth of 115.000.000 Lei (over $3.500) plus penalties. More »
07 September: Our Firm Euro House Construct participated to Real Estate Fair( Tîrgul de Construcții Imobiliare ) in spring, this year, at WorldTradeCenter
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Castel Film Romania

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For this Residential Complex, we are making more than the Project Management, the Investment Contract control, the limitation of the risk for the developers and investors, starting from the design phase until the turn key construction to the beneficiaries. In two words, we are managing everything!

With the same Lithuanian investors we have to prepare in short time the Project Management for a Four Star Hotel - Europe Royals Hotel - in the centre of Bucharest, a new Residential Complex nearby the North railway station; a new complex of commercial spaces and offices in tower buildings nearby Morii Crangasi Lake…investments which will reach the amount of more than 200 million Euros.

We also think to start new projects, for which we shall assure the Project Management, one of them Residential besides the Raiffeisen Bank and Bancpost, others in the field of luxury offices and commercial spaces in very well situated areas from the City Bucharest.

In the same time, we are proud of our relationships and contracts for the realizing or intermediating of different Industrial and Logistic constructions: investments such as FIDIC type with the World Bank in the Mining centers (Lonea and Leurda), Auto show-rooms in West of the City, Halls - Hypermarket like Billa and Kauffland type in different city of the country or Studios (movie spaces) for Castel Film, one of them finished already, others being in the final phases of negotiations, others in negotiations.

We want that this presentation accompanied by the information which you can find on our web-site , to make you to take the decision to start the development of the Project together with us and to facilitate the Project Management Contract assignation to Euro House Construct.

The steps our company makes for Customer Consultancy are:

  • Consultancy in land (plot) acquisition on which the investment will be realized
  • it has an facultative character, it depends on the client choice and does not take part from the Project Management usage
  • the fee for this kind of consultancy being of 80% from the sum which you are paying to the public notary, but not less than 15.000 Euros, without VAT;
  • Consultancy in project theme choice, of the main designer who will become General Contractor Projectant for all the specialty subcontractors
  • structure and installation well as Consultancy for preparing the design agreement
  • it has a facultative character and depends on the client choice and does not take part from the Project Management usage, the fee for this kind of consultancy being of 12% from the design agreement, but not less than 40.000 Euros;
  • Consultancy for the choice of General Contractor, the entity which will answer at the Investor’s questions regarding the work accomplishments at time, in quality conditions and established financial terms stipulated within the agreement, inclusively the Consultancy for preparing the General Contractor Agreement for the Works Executions;
  • Consultancy for the choice of the Technical Authorized Verifiers (verificatori tehnici atestati MLPAT) for all the necessary specializations (architecture, construction, all installations, fire protection...) who shall verify all the design phases (PAC, PT, DDE);
  • Verification of works/executions according to the quality law in construction, for each specialty through authorized site supervisors (Diriginti de santier) inspectors (construction, construction materials, reconstruction, water connection, sewerage, telecommunications, public services...);

Realizing the Reception Quality minutes, of the hidden works, of the Determinative Phases, of the Reception at the Works ending and of the verification in exploitation, the realization of the Construction Technical Book on the basis of these documentations you shall recalculate the Mayoralty fees, State Construction Inspection (ISC) and then you’ll make the registration in the Land Book and pay the taxes for the realized constructions...

Usually, the last four chapters take part from the Project Management and are totally calculated of 5,5% from the Total Investitions value ( in case you investment is larger than 20 millions Euros, without VAT); Other cases, the value increase to min. 7% from the Total Investitions Value, but not less than 370.000 Euros, without VAT;

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